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Steuerfreie Einkünfte

Posted in Books by JS on July 21, 2013

Steuerfreie Einkünfte 1 Steuerfreie Einkünfte 3

Steuerfreie Einkünfte (tax-free income) is a new work that grew directly out of the long-time project Bilder von der Straße. Looking out for abandonded photographs in the streets, it was inevitable that I found other things too, such as money. Usually, this would be in the form of small coins but occasionally, I would find a banknote. For many years I simply picked all these up and put them in my wallet. In 2011, before the completion of Bilder von der Straße, I began to make annual inventories of the found money. These are published in book form.

2012 ongoing
print on demand, colour
20 x 13 cm each, variable number of pages
softcover, perfect bound
open editions

This series of print-on-demand books is discontinued due to the provider’s insufficient service. An edition of annual reports will be available when the project is completed.

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