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Sorry. A Book of Errors

Posted in Books by JS on March 29, 2016


Incorrect password. Unknown username. The application encountered a problem. The server does not respond. Please try again later.
We write letters and we share photos and we buy things and we book trips and we pay taxes and we talk to friends and we watch movies and we read books and we do a lot of work with computers. Computers are ubiquitous, and so is their relentless logic. There’s no “maybe”, no “nearly”, no “approximately”, no “not quite, but I know what you mean.” The computer knows only two options, right or wrong, yes and no, zero and one. Computers pretend to be perfect and we know we are not. The result is a flood of error messages. Things go wrong all the time, and this is – according to the computer – usually our fault. Unknown error, please try again. Sometimes you wonder whether buying a computer was error number one.
This book is comprised of more than four hundred error messages in six languages collected by a user over the course of two years.

digital print, b/w
14.8 x 10.5 cm, 144 pages
softcover, sewn
100 copies
14 €

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