Artist's Books by Joachim Schmid

Black Books

The black books are the cheap and popular line of artist’s books. They are concerned with finding patterns within the behavior of modern photography. These are books about photography but from a “light-hearted” perspective. The editions of the black books are unlimited, the pocket-sized books are neither numbered nor signed. They are obtainable either through my shop or directly at the printer’s online bookstore.

Awesome Errors, Dreadful Glitches, 2012
But Is It Art?, 2010, 2012
Cool Pictures, Cool Stuff, 2009, 2012
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Photography, 2012
Lost Memories, 2010, 2012
Quick Response, 2010, 2012
The Missing Pictures, 2009, 2012
Unfortunate Selfies, 2016
When Boredom Strikes, 2009, 2012